Our Commitment

We deliver you with a comprehensive service, from design work to full completion; this includes securing local authority approval for the drawings, through to building as well as laying a quality floor.

We demand from ourselves that each job be built the right way; this may take a little extra in time, but makes certain a completed job that won’t need additional attention.

We are honest, demanding integrity with ourselves and our workforce.

We care about you, our customer.

We care about ourselves, and our credibility and reputation.

  • This is demonstrated in the willingness of customers to allow us to enter their homes without supervision.
  • Each job is recorded throughout, in plain English, so in order to leave no uncertainty.
  • All our work is conducted in accordance with Building Regulation Approval.
  • We always obtain a Completion Certificate from your local authority. All of our work is covered by a transferable 10-year guarantee.

We are passionate about the job we do.

We are devoted to leaving you with a loft we are both proud of.

Experience the difference: Call us now on 0800 690 6122.

Office? Play room? Bedroom? Bathroom?

Throughout we have an interest in your design suggestions, right through to the decision of finishes.

How a loft is designed and completed is of uppermost importance. You want your loft to look excellent and to look right, as though its part of the original property.

Loft conversions built with care – Guaranteed!

Every one of our tradesmen are qualified for all facets of work we carry out. All relevant work fulfil applicable regulations i.e. Gas Safe for plumbing involving gas, NIC EIC for electrical work.

If you were to ask for this contract, a cowboy builder would run a mile. We provide this free of charge.

All our is conducted according to Building Regulation Approval.

For a considerate builder, call us now on 0800 690 6122.

A 10-year guarantee on our work is given, which makes certain that the work we undertake and the products we use are of a high standard.

A top quality service you can depend on.

For all our clients:

  • Whatever the stage of development, be it decorative or structural, we pursue high quality at all times.
  • Obtaining permissions for households with existing extensions.
  • If you are planning to build an extension as well as have a loft conversion, TALK TO US FIRST.
  • We can keep you from disappointment at the planning approval stage.
  • Approvals for Listed Buildings.
  • Approvals for buildings in Conservation Areas.
  • We have our own certified teams. Each of our tradesmen hold full CIS status and are legally employed.

This enhances your home’s market value and makes certain a hassle-free sale later on.

Gives you confidence and assurance that our work has been completed correctly, obeying all regulatory procedures.

Specialist services include:

  • We put together full drawn plans.
  • We supply all Structural Calculations for Building Regulation Approval.
  • We make an application for approvals under Building Regulations (a legal requirement for all building work).
  • We undertake all initial Party Wall documentation.
  • We provide a full planning service.

We provide a JCT Contract upon request, absolutely free. This gives protection to the client by providing a written agreement that we, the builder, must follow. This contract is backed by the Clear English campaign and the UK Trades Confederation.

To provide further confidence we can also provide free of charge 10 year warranties.